Neighbouring cells secreting exosomes into the extracellular matrix

A new hope for complex diseases

The year is 2029, my mother has just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer after a routine blood test. Some of her blood exosomes were found to carry cancer-specific cargo. Fortunately, her tumour signature is identified quite early and she benefits rapidly from ready-to-use targeted exosome therapy. It inhibits the growth of her tumour, boosts her tumour immune response and resets her health state back to normal. We are more than relieved knowing that she will be able to continue seeing her grandkids as she used to. In 2021, she would have undergone frequent and painful cancer therapies with uncertain outcome.

Pierre Arsène

Founder & CEO @Mursla. Focused on novel exosome-based biomedical applications. Alumna @Cambridge_Uni biophysics, @JPMorgan healthcare IBD & @HECParis

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